Fundamentals Of Animation

The 12 Principles Of Creating An Animation

Instructor-Led course | Language of Instruction English
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  • Learn the 12 principles of animation
  • The key elements of animation
  • Basics of animation

About Course

In these lectures you will learn about basics of Animation applicable to all kind of animation.

Lecture 1:             Induction

Lecture 2:             Timing & Spacing

Lecture 3:             Squash and Stretch

Lecture 4:             Anticipation

Lecture 5:             Staging

Lecture 6:             Straight Ahead Action and Pose to Pose

Lecture 7:             Follow Through and Overlapping Action

Lecture 8:             Slow In and Slow Out

Lecture 9:             Arc

Lecture 10:           Secondary Action

Lecture 11:           Exaggeration

Lecture 12:           Solid Drawing

Lecture 13:           Appeal

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