Creature Animation Course

Learn How To Animate A Concept Creature. Animate Biped and Quadraped Creature With Superior Control

Instructor-Led course | Language of Instruction English
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  • Learn To Animate A Creature
  • Bring Different Concept Creatures To Life
  • Learn Biped, Quadruped and Winged Creature Animation

About Course

Week 1: Induction

Week 2: Learn to start blocking an animation and understanding the key poses to be blocked.

Week 3: Blocking Continues.

Week 4: From blocking stage to smoothing the animation here you will learn to add further keys to the poses or the expressions. Learn the use of graph editor to smoothing the animation.

Week 5: Smoothing Continues.

Week 6: In this stage the animator details the animation and bring it close to the realistic reference.

Week 7: Detailing Continues

Week 8: Micro detailing involves micro detailing from all angles and animating it deeply.

Week 9: Micro detailing Continues

Week 10: Finishing stage involves final touches before the animation is ready for publishing.

Week 11: Finishing Continues.


Prerequisite Course:

  1. Maya Basic For Beginners
  2. Fundamentals of Animation
  3. Acting For Animation

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