Advanced VFX Animation Pro Course

A Comprehensive Training in 3D Animation for Visual Effects from the Very Beginning to Advanced.

Instructor-Led course | Language of Instruction English
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  • Learn from the very basics of 3D Animation to very advanced
  • Learn Autodesk Maya for Animation
  • Learn Acting for Animation
  • Learn the 12 Animation Fundamentals
  • Get Trained on Realistic Animation as a Specialisation.

About Course

Learn Basics of Autodesk Maya

Week 1: Induction

Week 2: Learn commands keyboard keys for alt, shift, ctrl, move, rotate, translate, scale, fps, settings, mouse clicks.

Week 3: In this lecture you will learn to use set keys, ATP tool, graph editor, dope sheet.

Week 4: Learn the basic interface of Maya to start basic ball animation

Week 5: Learn how to assign materials, creating camera, creating image planer sequence/ move sequence, outliner, layer and attribute editor. 


From week 6 start learning the fundamentals of animation applicable to all kind of animation.

Week 6: Induction for the 12 fundamentals of animation

Week 7: Timing & Spacing

Week 8: Squash and Stretch

Week 9: Anticipation

Week 10: Staging

Week 11: Straight Ahead Action and Pose to Pose

Week 12: Follow Through and Overlapping Action

Week 13: Slow In and Slow Out

Week 14: Arc

Week 15: Secondary Action

Week 16: Exaggeration

Week 17: Solid Drawing

Week 18: Appeal


From week 19 learn to act for animation.

Week 19: Induction for acting in animation.

Week 20: In this class learn to observe your subject and the key traits to look for in a character for animation.

Week 21: In this lecture you will learn to imitate then plan, edit and trim your acting.

Week 22: Learn to mix various references and come up with your own concept creature or character acting.

Week 23: Here you will be performing characters. Bring in live character study and acting. 


Get trained on Realistic animation as specialisation.

Week 24: Planning for the animation shot.

Week 25: Learn to start blocking an animation and understanding the key poses to be blocked.

Week 26: Blocking Continues.

Week 27: From blocking stage to smoothing the animation here you will learn to add further keys to the poses or the expressions. Learn the use of graph editor to smoothing the animation.

Week 28: Smoothing Continues.

Week 29: In this stage the animator details the animation and bring it close to the realistic reference.

Week 30: Detailing Continues

Week 31: Micro detailing involves micro detailing from all angles and animating it deeply.

Week 32: Micro detailing Continues

Week 33: Finishing stage involves final touches before the animation is ready for publishing.

Week 34: Finishing Continues.


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