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Instructor-Led course | Language of Instruction English
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  • Create Compelling Cartoon Animation Scenes.
  • Learn To Get Believable Interaction Among Two Characters.
  • Learn Body Mechanics, Shot Composition, Layering And Cinematography.

About Course

Feature Animation (Performance)

Week 1: Anatomy - Bipedal

Sketches on Anatomy study

Structural sketches of locomotion poses

Using reference/pose tests for a character using rigs

Week 2: Acting analysis

Natural performance to cartoon level (Full body acting, facial and lip-sync)

Analysis of acting choice to deliver the best output

WORKFLOW DEMO: layered approach, pose to pose approach, rough animation approach and final

Comparisons of variance in a different type of acting choice

Week 3: Assignment (Demo-reel) and job opportunities

Planning for performance shot for demo-reel, finalizing acting choice reference.

Rig selection, testing rig for shot length 10 seconds with or without dialogue.

Talking phases on scene shots and job opportunities.

Week 4: Blocking 1st pass

Feedback assessment like poses, arcs, silhouette, model shapes, facial, body mechanics and lip-sync.

Week 5: Blocking 2 pass, tips, tricks and tools

Useful tips, tricks and tools to make workflow fast

Addressing feedback improving shot

Week 6: Blocking

Blocking would continue in this week with expert feedbacks to improve the shot.

Week 7: Blocking

Blocking would further continue in this week with expert feedbacks to improve the shot.

Week 8: Rough Animation

Blocking advanced to rough animation in this week with expert feedbacks.

Week 9: Rough Animation

Rough Animation continues in this week towards the final animation.

Week 10: Animation

Fine-tuning the final animation in this week to make it more mature.

Week 11: Animation

 Advancing the final animation work toward a polished demo reel.

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